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Persons Protection

Service Objective

Physic, in movement or steady Protection of persons from any point of departure to any point of arrive and/or along the stay in the National territory, giving security and tranquility to the people that are in our Custody and Protection.

Service Features

The service is lent by a Security Operator (Bilingual Optionally), with the security equipments according to the client’s needs.


Guarantee the physical safety, security and tranquility of those who are in our custody, to intentional or unintentional events that might affect it.

Added Value

• Professional and reliability by our staff who make the executive feel more secure during their stay.

• Evaluation of risks and threats.

• Personal attention by the General Management and Operations Management.

• The escorts are supervised and immediate support from the Operations Control Center.

Competitive Advantages

• Service provided qualified personnel properly trained for such activity.

• Punctuality, responsibility and professionalism.

• The service is provided under the strictest quality standards, with the application of rules and procedures defined and documented.

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