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It specializes in cargo container´s seals and insurances, they have been used to ensure thousands of containers and truck against theft and handling; designed by Sealock Security Systems, Inc. with over 15 years of manufacturing devices on the market to improve the overall security of containers.

Model SU2009 - Sealock

It is the only single-use bar that closes and seals the container. The Original and Patented Mod SU2009 SEALOCK Bar is made entirely of steel, you need a power tool along with a shear for removal. Adjusting the bar to the columns of the containers doors and the cable seal on the main handle, unauthorized entry is prevented to the container. And due that is a complete system, if the SU2009 Sealock bar is removed, also retires the most important seal, consequently to the Sealock SU2009 Bar, we do the containers violations-proof.


• 100% Made of steel.

• Numbered braided steel cables, bullet finishes tip is an integral part of the closure system.

• Two tone enamel finish, recorded marks in the bar, clamp and plastics used at strategic points, facilitate the recognition of steals or clandestine entries.

• When the braided cable is cut, the edges breaks, making it impossible to hide the evidence of the weld.

• For more safety, the same number sequence appears in all three components.

• Extension bar for more accurate placement.

• Designed to accommodate most of the containers with doors that open out (20 ', 40', 45 ', 48', 53 ')

Sealock Keeper

Double loop means closure and seal of the container.


• 100% Made of braided steel.

• When the braided wire is cut the edges breaks.

• Numbered in alpha numeric sequence.

• Double Loop with a numbering, requires two cuts to remove.

• Close and seal with low cost per unit.

• Single-Patent Design 7,063,362.

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