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Container Security systems

McGard is one of the largest manufacturers of devices against theft of car and truck tires, manhole covers, moisturizing fire, gas meters, telephone companies, oil companies, computer equipment and general industry. All McGard products are designed with the latest technology offered quality, optimal results and consequently total satisfaction of our customers.

Security bolts and nuts

• generally Applications

• Strength and Security assurance any area exposed to theft, replacing conventional bolts and nuts easily, for its unique "daisy" prevents use of common tools preventing unauthorized manipulation.


Security screws caps Pozo

• Electrical and Telecommunications Industry

• Protection against vandalism or tampering, caps Shut well, prevent unauthorized access to offering excellent protection, adaptable to any type of manhole cover without risk of corrosion and protective cap.

Security System Cabinet Elé

• Electrical and Telecommunications Industry

• Luggage insurance, security lock designed to secure cabinet doors against unauthorized access. Doors easily placed in existing cabinets on the market. Secure the panel outside and has optional features designs that prevents access to internal components of the device being protected.

Security screws Telecommunication


• Telecommunications

• Prevents unjustified and fraudulent access, used throughout the world for the protection of technical communication systems, its use avoids among others: intercept phone calls, disruption or manipulation of telephone networks, data networking and fiber optic networks, theft object of this sector.

Safety washer

Electrical Industry

Safe protection, created to prevent access to the design of the boxes of electric meters, installed in seconds without tools, you may install it on materials such as glass or Lexan liners, rings are reinforced with its cover, it is feasible to use patented gaskets, closing McGard with patented technology..

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